Katie Brock

Katie grew up in West Vancouver and has always loved music and performing

starting at a very early age with piano lessons from her Grandmother. 

As an adult she was drawn to teaching Music Together after attending classes with her children.  She has since become a beloved Music Together teacher at the Gleneagles Community Centre where she has been leading sold out classes for over a decade. 


Being immersed in singing and making music with the very young is what inspired her to write some of her own children’s songs. Three years ago she teamed up with Susan Lepin

and “Ginger and Snap was born”!


Katie is a longtime member of the well-known vocal ensemble Pandora’s Vox;

Katie teaches elementary school children the ukulele - get in touch for more info!


And, a new venture!

Katie will be presenting some awesome math songs at conferences through mathmusicals.com.  


Katie lives in Horseshoe Bay with her husband and four teenagers. 

She loves trail running, swimming in the ocean, skiing and most outdoor things! 


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